M e m b e r s

Booth, Clifford (d) 1983-1985 Honeymoon In Green, Beach Nuts, Homecoming, Grinning Souls

Hall, Peter (b) 1988-1989 Buick KBT, Head Undone

Jones, Peter (d) 1985-1989 TransWaste, Kate Ceberano, Crowded House, Diana Kiss

Lindtner, Kurt (harm) 1983-1985 A Dog's Life, Teddy Turner and The Bunsen Burners

Marshall, Charles (b,g,v) 1982-1989

Marshall, Christopher (v) 1982-1987

Moll, David (g) 1983-1985 A Dog's Life, The Relics, Teddy Turner and The Bunsen Burners, The Heavy Knights, Cactus

Palmer, Barry (g) 1985-1989 Hunters & Collectors,  Dead Star

Saarelaht, Jex (p) 1988-1989 Kate Ceberano and Her Septet, The Jextet, Dianna Kiss, Gospel Choir, Kate Ceberano and Her Sextet

Sheldon, Glen (g,b) 1983-1988 ---

Wales, Philip (g) 1982-1983 Seven, The Colonial V-Knees, The Harlequins, The Victory Girls

Wilson, Chris (harm,sax) 1985-1987