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“I remember seeing Harem Scarem live and they used to sweep you up in a ferocious momentum. Blissfully, they’re back now: a great lost band flying high!”
Clinton Walker, rock jouralist, read a full review>

“Harem Scarem was a band that could rock out incredibly hard and then turn things around in an instant so as to weave and float in the ether of where the music was taking us. To be lost in that feeling was a great thing, and I can still hear it all embedded in the grooves of Pilgrim’s Progress.”
Christopher Marshall, singer

“I’ve never forgiven Harem Scarem for breaking up. But now at last here comes the classic Pilgrim’s Progress, crawling back from underserved obscurity. As the best liner notes say: PLAY IT LOUD!”
Michael Lynch, former manager

Wild, crazy, noisy power with some sweet vocals by Chris Marshall. Must see.
Melbourne Insider
August 1987

Magnificent, powerful kick ass Ozzie art-grunge. None better.
Dr Rock
July 1988

I loved this band. I went to see them all the time. The clashing guitars with the singers powerful vocal style made for a sonic attack of the first degree. Pretty wild on stage, too. All in all fabulous, one of the best Oz rock bands during the 1980's, which was a very energetic and creative period in Australian music. These guys were one of the stand outs in the local Melbourne scene who should of made it big.
C D Xbow
Metal Commander
House Euphrates, 2006