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The original Harem Scarem was a mighty Australian band in the 1980's, who if they persisted could have been anything. This page started as a simple fans tribute to this really great band and an attempt to preserve the memory of the band, which was in danger of being lost to those Canadian schmucks who 'stole' the name and have flooded the internet with their rubbishy songs. They just make me want to puke! Defiling the name of a truly great Oz rock band with their garbage. It's all true what Americans say about Canadians.  Anyway, somehow it all grew into something more, first a site with links and fan stuff, then Charlie and some of the guys wanted to contribute, so we got to do some interesting stuff. So via the magic of the internet and streaming media we can make the band come alive, right now! Also we have a scoop, a full tracking listing and liner notes from the new CD reissue of Pilgrims Progress.

By C D Xbow
Metal Commander
House Euphrates, November 2008